Senior Shoot: Marisya and Eddie


           To continue where I left of in the other post, I have put up some photos of Marisya and Eddie. Both were very willing to pose despite being totally new to all of this. After a few awkward laughs and state of confusion, both became more comfortable in front of the camera. It would have definitely helped if I was more of a source of hilarity. Fortunately, my sister and my cousin, both friends of the subjects, were there to enliven the mood. This helped relax the subjects and made it more likely to shoot real emotions and expressions.
           Marisya and Eddie aren't a couple by the way. It just happened that they looked extremely gorgeous together. 
           We shot at the beautiful Carmel beach. Thankfully, it was a sunny day instead of the typical gloomy Monterey weather. Lots of locals love days like these, so you see them strewn across the beach interspersed between the usual European or Asian tourist.

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