Senior Photos 2011 Feat. Christian

            Hello beautiful people! I'd like you to meet Christian. This awesome guy chose me to do his senior photos for his high school yearbook. Doesn't he look great? Of course he does ^___^
            What started out as a constricted, awkward atmosphere--which happens to 99% of my clients--gradually but steadily became more comfortable. I owe it much to my team of voice activated light stands my cousin and sisters who were being their usual random selves. Due to this we were able to work at ease and thus producing beautiful photos. 

               By the way, we were shooting by a touristy area in Pacific Grove, California. However, this is quite unnerving to the already fragile self-esteem of the sitter. So instead of spending much time shooting in front of a gawking audience, we ventured into the quieter residential part of the area.
               Houses of differing structures and themes, from homely garden cottages to renovated ultra-modern glass houses presented themselves as backgrounds to our delight. Of course there were some curious stares from homeowners. Fortunately we didn't get in any kind of trouble since we were fully careful about respecting their private property. 

             As we were busy shooting, one person in a car drove by and  offered us sushi in exchange for a photo. Eyes met, eyebrows raised, then soon confused laughter ensued. Looking back, I wonder if it truly was a joke. If that person was serious, would you take sushi for a photo?

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